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Reset button on the furnace makes the flame on the burner go off

roodypoody20 Member Posts: 1
hey.... i posted something also under gas burners but i forgot to mention this.... see the thing is, my furnace runs for about 5 minutes... the flame kicks on and then it goes off after a couple minutes (not water in the line)  anyway, when it goes off, the furnace seems like it's still working but it's blowin just normal air... There is a switch down there underneathe the top panel that has tempatures on it.. from like 200-300 degrees which u can adjust.. and it has a RESET button.. whenever i push the reset button, the flame will come back on and works normal but only lasts a couple of minutes..I dunno what to do


  • ChasMan
    ChasMan Member Posts: 459

    That sounds like your FAN Limit switch. I wouldn;t monkey with it. The fact that your furnace runs ok makes me think that your issue isn;t huge and some control has gone whack. You cant fix these safety controls. THey need to be replaced and they all cost bucks. You don;t want to replace a 200.00 fan limit only to find out that wasn;t the problem. You need to get someone with the correct knowledge and test equipment. Could be a flame sensor. Could be anything.
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