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10 Radiators down- 2.5 to go

Recently installed a new bolier-

Utica 150K BTU gas fired single pipe steam.

Like the boiler, however I am pretty sure the old system was at the very least out of balance if not fatally mangled over the many years of the house's existence.  There are three returns tying back into the boiler- two of them all the rad's get hot.  The last and largest return has three radiators on the end of it that are not getting hot.  I purchased a Gorton #2 to put on that return and will install when it arrives.  Hopefully that will help.

Of the three reluctants-

1 original in original location- gets 50% warm- much later than rest of house.

1 much larger (10k btu) replaced in location of previous radiator, does not usually get hot. Pipes stop getting hot right after the main line take-off

1 replaced in new location about 5' from prior location by yours truly- (I am not a gifted steamfitter, but I thought I did o.k.) Pipes also stop getting hot about 3' after main line take-off. (this rad was 2x the size of the one i replaced there it is 13k btu)

Any thoughts on what might be keeping the steam from cirulating further?  I have taken off the radiatiors to see if the steam would make it to the valves, but it does not. 

Could pitch be my issue on both of these? 

Will a couple of degrees rise make the difference? 

Many thanks for any help!


  • LarryC
    LarryC Member Posts: 331
    Standard steam system questions

    Obvious questions.

    1)  Are the mains insulated?

    2) What are the system cut out and cut in pressures?

    3) Does the system cycle off because the thermostat is satisfied or because the upper pressure limit is reached?

    4) Was the boiler sized to the installed radiation or to the heat loss of the structure?


    Larry C
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