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Vitodends 200 Lamda Pro

Tim McElwain
Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,482
I have spent the last two days at Viessmann academy here in Rhode Island. Today we looked at the new technology on the Vitodends 200  the Lamda Pro system which automatically adjust the combustion on each cycle. This eliminates the need for a combustion test.

It does this by using the flame rod technology to feed a microamp signal back to an electronic microprocessor which electrically controls the gas valve to insure proper mix with the air from a combustion air blower. It does not use a negative pressure valve like we have been seeing in the past but actually controls the firing rate of the valve electronically. The combustion air blower does not pull the gas out of the valve but premixes it in a chamber together before firing .In addition it readjust combustion air and gas on every call for heat and then monitors operation during firing time and adjusts as necessary. It still gives modulation and works very well with the condensing feature of this package.

For those in high elevations there is no need to adjust for BTU as this system will do it for you. There is also no concern if you might have LNG with a higher BTU content as it will automatically adjust for that also. Even if mixing different gases it will handle that with out any problem.

Conversion from natural to LP and vice versa is done simply by the turn of a screw and the system will then readjust the combustion configuration automatically.

I will get some more of the technical data tomorrow as I will be back for the Controls class. I have asked for the power point presentation on this technology and will see if we can somehow display something here on the Wall.

This is an amazing technology which has been tested in Europe for seven years prior to coming to the US. I am impressed and it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to high end gas equipment.

In addition there has been a price adjustment to the Vitodends 200 check with you local supplier.


  • binskibok
    binskibok Member Posts: 19
    Low-loss header and coaxial vent term

    Per your latest update on the Vitodends 200 I've been swayed to use the WB2B9-26  as my boiler replacement choice over the TTsolo 110 . The tech info I've read seems to imply that I will get better performance using a low-loss header. What advantages do I get by choosing this piping method???  Along those same lines is it more advantageous to use the Viessman coaxial vent termination kit as part of the install??   
  • binskibok
    binskibok Member Posts: 19

    This should have been included in the prior post :  Any additional information you my have regarding the controls of the 200 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • Tim McElwain
    Tim McElwain Member Posts: 4,482
    The low loss

    header and the coaxial venting are all advantages for better performance. The venting because you are heating air for combustion coming back into the unit which helps the overall combustion situation. The low loss header just makes sense on any application.

    I had a lot to absorb in three days of very intense training with a lot of material offered. I want to sit down and go over things and will post some more when I have done so. I will also be back next week for two more days so I want to look at the whole presentation and then discuss.

    I  do not promote any-ones products as it can affect my friendship with many in the industry. As Joe Friday used to say "just the facts".
  • CMadatMe
    CMadatMe Member Posts: 3,085
    edited September 2009
    200 Info

    This is just about everything that is in print on the boiler you specified. Happy reading.

    You must use a LLH with the 200. There is a sensor in the header that sends feedback to the boiler control. Also, the LLH promotes better condensing.
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