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Lower CO?

MustangPHMustangPH Posts: 1Member
I am involved in a furnace replacement and tune up for energy efficiency program. The program has a standard that the CO level in the flue gas has to be lower than 100 ppm. I have a Rheem furnace that I can't seem to get lower than 130 ppm any ideas? The furnace is only 2 years old and if it does not pass it will have to be replaced.  I already lowered the manifold gas pressure to 3" water column and I do not want to get that any lower than that.  It is a single stage, two pipe direct vent system using approx. 12' intake and 12' exhaust through 2" sch 40 pipe.   


  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Posts: 4,225Member
    Do not lower pressure

    to resolve CO issues, that is not the answer. What are your other combustion readings? What is the input to the furnace? Have you clocked the burner?. Is the furnace clean? Are you getting sufficient air for combustion?

    Are all of the burners properly aligned? What does Rheem say the CO readings should be on their Furnace?
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