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Dusty house

Bill_119 Member Posts: 1
I installed an in-floor radiant system with a Vissman boiler and Unico system for A/C. All my floors a litecrete, mostly berber carpet. I've had a dust problem all year long, ever since the house was built in 2000. My wife constantly complains of dusting the house and finding it returns only a few days later. Please help!


  • Dust

    "Dust" is probably the most common complaint, and one of the most difficult to diagnose and remedy. I presume it is white dust, not a smeary black residue, correct? The radiant heat has nothing to do with it, and Unico systems have good reputations. How often have you been changing your Unico's filters? Since the dust is visible, it is heavy and will settle out too quickly for any electronic air cleaner to be of much help. You might consider a higher efficiency media filter to trap more particles that DO get to it. A central vacuum cleaner might be useful, the exhaust air goes outside, not right back into the room as it does with conventional vac's. If that's not an option, try a "microfilter" or HEPA type bag on your standard cleaner.

    Do you live near a dust producing business or a busy highway? Your litecrete might be "efflourescing", that is producing white dust in response to being wet, then drying out. Berber carpeting is notorious for holding lots of dust, and too-frequent vacuuming may actually break down the carpet fibers and put them into the air, too. Dust can enter thru open windows, or be produced by hobby or remodeling/repair activity. Some surfaces just are collectors, and I find "modern" furnishings most effected. Shiny black or dark colored surfaces, chrome light fixtures, stark white furnishings all require more frequent dusting, and those synthetic fiber dusters do work better than traditional feather dusters, because they do trap the dust, not just knock it into the air to settle back somewhere else.

    Electrically charged equipment like TV sets also collect dust. Finally, you can have a sample tested to see if it contains anything harmful. I hope you found this useful.
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