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boiler piping and vapor stat

bet that system was taking on a LOT of make-up water.....

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  • Ren Pavich
    Ren Pavich Member Posts: 14

    Was working on a two pipe steam system and have several questions. I have been study this since I friend needed some help. I don't have any actual vents on the mains per say just 1/4 tubing see pictures and no vents. I plan on replacing all tubing with gorton number 2's is that sound right? Then I have on radiator that has a f&t trap and a vent it was sitting there doing alittle venting with the radiator was full of steam my understanding is if you have a trap no need to vent the radiator. Then I have several radiators that don't have f&t traps but have a copper type trap with a pipe connecting the trap on top Is this normal see picture for details. Then vapor guage not working cleaned siphon loop still nothing on guage will replace guage. Vapor stat had been misadjusted wanted to verify operations set as low as possible then it dropped out then set to cut out at 8 ounces cut in at 2 oz told home owner when we put need guage on we will see how close it operates. I also thought it would be better to make sure the boiler works on design temp and may need alittle more steam when its colder. I wrote notes on everything were doing to get the boiler right. Is 8 oz enough to supply heat to the radiators or will I have to find out when its colder?? I will include pictures of the boiler can you tell me if there any problems you see Thanks Ren
  • Jamie Hall
    Jamie Hall Member Posts: 23,657
    I honestly can't say...

    I've ever seen the like (although I'll bet some of the guys have!), but...

    Those flexible copper (?) tubes constitute what venting you have -- and it is quite possible that most of the time they'll work. But your plan to replace them with Gorton's is a start in the right direction.

    I love the running trap with a little copper line bridging it. But what it does I cannot tell you... besides look cute. Although the little line will let air get past the trap. The only time I ever saw anything like was an old system with a low point in the wet return which had a vapour bypass over the top, but this isn't that.

    Have you gotten Dan's books? If not, you should (A Steamy Deal -- bottom of the page). Read thoroughly and contemplate.

    If there are no traps on the radiators, the system may be one of the many types which had an orifice on the outlet elbow, or on the inlet valve to each radiator, which controlled steam flow -- and depended on that to not allow steam past the radiator. They worked fine, if properly set up. You'll find them in Dan's book.

    As to the vapourstat settings, 8 oz. out/2 in sounds fine. If the boiler is big enough, you'll get as much heat as the radiators can absorb. Don't set the pressure any higher.
    Br. Jamie, osb
    Building superintendent/caretaker, 7200 sq. ft. historic house museum with dependencies in New England
  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    That copper U-seal

    with the small pipe jumping it, is doing the same thing as a Broomell-type return ell. Only question I have is how much steam gets thru that pipe? It may need to be choked down after the venting is upgraded.

    The little open vent tubes are on the return lines, correct?

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  • Ren Pavich
    Ren Pavich Member Posts: 14

    there are 4 vents aluminum tudes it seems 2 are on the wrong pipes when the boiler was buiding steam 2 were just letting out all kinds of steam the other two were quiet and allowing air to move out of the system. I put the vent to my face and felt the air. I pinch the other to off with my channels and told the homeowner by me 4 new vents and a pressure guage.
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