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EDR Help

I just saw this after responding to your other post.

Mitch, I will have to get back to you once I get into the office and can take a look at a manufacturer's catalog.

I may not be able to get you the exact match, in fact I doubt it, but can at least get you in the ballpark.

Unenclosed convective elements in general have lower output than enclosed ones because the enclosure enforces a "chimney effect" which increases air movement. In fact, identical element arrangements will have higher output with taller enclosures by this principle.

Unenclosed elements tend to be more radiative and less convective, somewhat ambivalent in a way... :)


  • alang
    alang Member Posts: 35

    I have 1.5" steel fin/tube steam element. Could not find the EDR in Dan's book. The element is 4" x 4" with 1.5" steel tubing for steam. I have aprox 106' of which half is not enclosed. the enclosed element is in a 4" deep x 14" high enclosure with a slanted louver at the top. It looks similar to the enclosure on pg 210 of Dan's book. I don't have a scanner or I would post it. It is the Fedders-Quigan Corp type S. How much of a diff will there be from the enclosed elements as opposed to the exposed?
  • alang
    alang Member Posts: 35

    Is there a site I can fo to that's comparable to do the research. Surely someone must have an idea

    from Dan`s books unless he says so!
    You have the cabinet sizes, perhaps this will help with the bare elements here.

  • alang
    alang Member Posts: 35

    I apoligize for the unsolicited post Dan. thank You for the heads up Dave. Greatly appreciated. To convert BTU's to EDR am I correct in assuming that btu ratings for steam are divided by 240 btu to equal my EDR value? How do I determine the tier of the elements?
  • \"divided by 240 btu to equal my EDR value\"

    You are right for obvious radiation,, doing multiple "tiers" is outside my relm.
    Brad White is the guy you need in this area.

  • alang
    alang Member Posts: 35

    thanks dave
  • Brad White_191
    Brad White_191 Member Posts: 252
    Well, if you insist,

    I was going to reference Vulcan radiators, but Sterling, Ted Reed Thermal, Slant-Fin and others can get you some comparable data. May not be exact but close enough.
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