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system 2000/tankles

Bob ForandBob Forand Posts: 305Member
I would leave as is. I am in the middle of my own personal debate in regards to the actual efficiency of instantaneous type units. As I see it, every time you fire the unit up, even to wash your hands, the burners run at 100+ thousand BTU's. At the end of the day, i am not so sure that storage isn't more efficient. If you have a good 40 gallon tank that, lets say has a 1 degree per hour standby loss, your boiler will fire to reheat the tank every 40 hours ? How long will it run to heat the tank ? So that my friend, is my debate.


  • Mark_7Mark_7 Posts: 123Member
    system 2000/tankles

    Customer has a system 2000w/plate and tank,asked if it would be eff. to shut down boiler for summer and install a propane tankless unit. I told them the only eff. they would have is not having any standby loss of the tank. Or recommended going with a 90+ eff. tankless. Any other thoughts?
  • Norm HarveyNorm Harvey Posts: 684Member

    Standby loss on tank is minimal, theyre using hot water daily that will need to heat the incomming cold.

    I recommend leaving everything alone.
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  • Jim_139Jim_139 Posts: 61Member

    When I installed my own EK we were in the process of cleaning up the house before we could move in (it was a repo). We didn't use much hot water for awhile so I could check the time frequency between cycles. 36 hours was what I came up with. Standard glass lined tank, no wrap.

    Most of the loss of any direct fired WH is up the flue. A tankless will fire up whenever flow through the unit is about .6 GPM. The firing rate may modulate after that but each time you use hot water the unit will cycle on/off. Wear and tear on components adds up.
  • chapchap70_2chapchap70_2 Posts: 147Member
    Idle loss negligible

    Given that a 50 gallon storage tank that has an off cycle loss of 0.5 degrees per hour, (Superstor claims their tanks have less than 1/2 degree loss per hour) the amount of oil required to maintain the temperature in the storage tank for one year is about 13 gallons.

    Since the System 2000 post purges its residual heat to the storage tank in the summer, there is very little idle loss from the boiler.

    Even at $5.00 per gallon which would amount to around $100 (for the year, not just summer) how long would the payback be?
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