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home hot-water radiator valve repacking/refurbishing

tim smithtim smith Posts: 2,275Member
Also I am sure in your neck of the woods there would be a plating company to re plate. I have had regular cast bronze valves nickel plated and wow are they nice. Tim


  • Steve TantonSteve Tanton Posts: 2Member
    hot water radiator valves

    I'm looking for a professional firm (U.S.) to repack and refurbish hot water radiator valves - early 1920's Honeywell continuous circulating valves. They definitely need "repacking" and a bit of clean-up. Keeping the original valves is important for maintaining aesthetics and originality in our 1920's Georgian Colonial home. Please email ASAP!!!!!
  • TimcoTimco Posts: 2,905Member

    I'll bet that is a pretty standard packing bushing in there, just inside the top nut under the handle. You can likely add some string packing to make them stop leaking and turn them a couple times a year to exercise them. My local supplier is online at


    Technical Support Manager, HTP Comfort Solutions.
  • Tom R.Tom R. Posts: 139Member

    Nothing special about those valves as far as packing goes. Remove the gland nut and follower, and measure the existing packing that you take out for a replacement. A good teflon packing will last another lifetime in there. Also, your local Plumber should be able to do the work.
  • Lee GravesLee Graves Posts: 1Member
    Radiator Valves

    I have the same type of circulating hot-water radiator valves as you do. I have three radiators now with this problem. Local plumbers have been of no help so far. Have you found anyone to do a repair or replacement of your radiator valves?

    Thank you,

    Lee Graves
  • You should post your

    location, or look under "Find a Pro" on this web site.
    Thanks, Bob Gagnon

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