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a or b furnace nozzle

carol_3carol_3 Member Posts: 397
Better post this one on the main section of The Wall so all the oil smart-guys can help.


  • a= hollow cone spray pattern
    B=solid cone spray pattern.
    interchangeable? necessary adjustments to use B instead of A?
    possible consequences from using B in place of A?
  • burnerman_2burnerman_2 Member Posts: 297

    if u look at ur label on ur furnace it may tell u which one is required. most times a manufacturer will spend a lot of time deciding which nozzle is the best for that model then a guy comes along with 2 nozzles on his truck and screws up the whole thing i have been in basements where there is literly 6 or more different type nozzles and spray patterens a's b's w's 60 degreee 80 degree ect. you get the point so get a guide and use the one the manufactuer asks for. royboy
  • Ed_26Ed_26 Member Posts: 284

    Hello again, pook. A nozzle is best used as specified by mfg. However, that said, a hollow spray nozzle can give a 'quieter', or less noisy flame(or burn) for a given burner/combustion chamber combo. The best scenario is to set up with a combustion analyzer to achieve optimum efficiency. Here again, a pro is required.

  • thanx ed. i called an oilman & he mentioned the noise too. dont use the thing very much & i havent changed the nozzle in years . its an old 1750 rpm burner which i adjust by eyeing the flame like an oilman showed me years ago.dont forget my other post.
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