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running out of ideas..

GlenGlen Member Posts: 855
is it installed so flow is correct??? if there are flow checks - trying to circ water against them makes the circ cranky. is the circ correctly sized?? too big or too small?? are all valves open? is this problem coincidental with the circ change a few months ago??


  • gwengwen Member Posts: 3
    running out of ideas..

    Im new to the heating by hot water and have tried what little we know. I have a boiler that is producing hot water...the pipes are hot, heat is slowly coming from the pipes...but can't get the temp over 61 degrees even when cranking it up to 80 for a couple hours. I've tried bleeding at every spot...and got a lot of air out. The pressure is good. We aren't getting the rushing water sound that we were getting for the past few months, but not sure if that is good or bad. Don't know what else to try...any suggestions?
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  • Dave StromanDave Stroman Member Posts: 759

    No sound of rushing water in the pipes might mean that the pump is not working.

    Dave Stroman
    Dave Stroman
  • bill nyebill nye Member Posts: 307

    It is most likely air bound. The noise in the pipes was air.
  • gwengwen Member Posts: 3

    already checked the is working. Was just replaced 2 months ago.
  • leelee Member Posts: 458

    where are you located?
  • kpckpc Member Posts: 11
    it may work....

    just that there is air in the piping. Are the pipes warm/hot 20' from the boiler?
  • JimJim Member Posts: 244
    no/low heat

    As far as the pump goes, I always ALWAYS go by the idea," just because its new, doesn't mean its good." I will guess here that the pump is a compact circulator. Use a stethescope or screwdriver method to determine if it is humming or actually spining. In the threads posted so far I do not see the boiler pressure indicated. Do not go by the boiler gauge but rather a gauge made to screw onto a boiler drain. Its a standard tool I keep on the truck to make sure there is ample pressure in the system. keep us posted
  • jpjp Member Posts: 1,935
    pump working?

    the pump can be working(buzzing, humming) but still not being actually pumping water. air up higher in the line can keep it from moving water.
  • gwengwen Member Posts: 3

    rochester, ny
  • fattyfatty Member Posts: 54

    sounds like the pump - if not a physical blockage... just my opinion
  • Jack P.Jack P. Member Posts: 38

    What temperature is the aquastat set at?
  • Is the...

    Pump motor excessively hot? If you don't like keeping your hand on it very long chances are it's airbound. Motor should feel warm but not hot.
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