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Propane Volume conversion

Dobber Member Posts: 91
Does anyone know how many litres of LP in a cubic meter of propane gas.

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  • scrook_2
    scrook_2 Member Posts: 610
    LP liters liquid to cu meters gas

    1 Gallon of liquid propane (LP) will vaporize to 36.5 Cu Feet of gas and since 1 US gallon = 3.785 liters, and 1 cu meter = 35.3 cu ft, then 1 liter of propane liquid will vaporize to 0.273 cu meters of gas.

    Conversely (inversely?) 3.66 liters of liquid propane will vaporize to 1 cu. meter of gas.

    Does that answer your question (liquid from the tank to gas for the appliance)?
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