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Even at my age Slant/Fin is the Best all-around Value.

It is a high efficiency cast iron boiler, but it's not (designed) for condensing use.

It can operate in condensing mode for short periods, as long as it gets hot enough during the run cycle to dry itself out. Between the sections, in all three passes, there are grooves that direct the condensate directly into the fire, re-evaporating it. It's lowest design water temperature, at the outlet is 86 degrees F, if using the reset control option. With the aquastat, there is no minimum temperature built in. It's a cold start boiler.

Condensation within the boiler is not a result of BOILER design, it is a result of SYSTEM design. If you design a system that condenses all of the time, you need to select a boiler that isn't cast iron, or you'll be cleaning the boiler WAY too often. Sooting up THIS boiler won't hurt your warranty a bit, just like other company's boilers that run with cool water temps. You might be vacuuming the soot out every month, regardless of whose boiler you choose, but the boiler can take it and the warranty against defects will still be in effect. It's a tough piece of iron.

Regarding the technical support, that's me. I've been on this site long enough, that (good or bad) you know how I help out.



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