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Peerless WBV Trouble

GaryDidier Member Posts: 229
Chris, when downfiring the beckett to .85 you might benefit by installing the F-3 head. This would be more appropriate for your firing rate and would give a slight improvement to combustion and efficiency. You could then try a .75 if your heat load would allow it. The nice thing about the Beckett is the ease of changing the firing rate. By doing this I can generally achieve 85-86% efficiency.

Gary from Granville


  • Chris Williams_5
    Chris Williams_5 Member Posts: 4

    I have a Peerless WBV-04 with a .85/80*B Delevan, F4, 3 3/8" Static Plate. In measuring this unit is only about 73% effificent and the CO2 never gets above 5%, O2 is about 14%. The manufacture shows that the low fire bafle isnt needed so its not installed. Minor adjustments dont seem to make much of a change, so I think that there is something else wrong. Pump pressure is 140psi, it is a beckett AFG. Any tips or items to check would be apreciated.
  • Robert O'Brien
    Robert O'Brien Member Posts: 3,541

    Between boiler sections wiil cause low CO2,take a CO2 reading over fire. More than likely your analyzer is incorrect,check it on another unit or check the unit in question with another analyzer

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  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 770
    Back to Basics

    Go back to basics. Set all the settings at the beginning point from the install manual. Take it from there. Also you didn't give draft readings.

  • Chris Williams_5
    Chris Williams_5 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks be to heating help yet again!

    Thanks for pointing me back to my fyrite tech 60, upon closer inspection I had a hairline crack near the sensor probe. A little jbweld, and my numbers are now...

    CO 50PPM
    O2 4.7%
    85.2% EFFICIENT
    CO2 12.1
    EX AIR 26.9

    Not perfect, and needs some tuning, but certainly much better! Thank you again for the advice.

  • joel_19
    joel_19 Member Posts: 931

    I doubt you can do better than that on that boiler with that size nozzle . Probably a touch more at .75 watch your c02 isn't too high you've got to leave some margin for crappy oil etc.

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