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automatic water feeder on a steam system?

Garret Member Posts: 111
Greetings gents...

When replacing a boiler on a small, residential, two-pipe steam vapor system, is it a good idea to install an automatic water feeder? Our old boiler has a McDonnell & Miller manual feeder with low-water cutoff.

Seem to me that you'd want to know when a steam boiler is using up water because it's adding oxygen to the system. I'd be doing routine blowouts anyway, so adding a little more water isn't a big deal.

Also, I'd think when combining an old steam system and a new boiler, you'd run the risk of the autofeeder kicking in if the boiler's water level drops a bit when it's filled up the pipes with steam. Then you'd flood the boiler when the condensate returns...

The only advantage I can think of for an auto feeder is that you don't run the risk of the phone ringing when you turned the supply valve on... Yah, I've done that... once!



  • Big Ed
    Big Ed Member Posts: 1,117
    Electronic Feeders

    The new electronic feeders are low volume fill ,made for newer boilers.Some have volume setting and a meter clock. They just about all have delays for sluggest condonsate return. But your right steam is still a hands on system.
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