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CPVC? Is it an O2 barrier?

Rob_34Rob_34 Posts: 21Member
I have a person who put cpvc in a slab. Will it work as an oxygen barrier or does he have to use bronze pumps?



  • Ed_26Ed_26 Posts: 284Member

    If you can find the mfg. - check their website - ie: I doubt it is oxybarrier - probably should use a hx to separate the systems & temp. control to protect the cpvc.
  • S EbelsS Ebels Posts: 2,322Member
    O2 barrier or not

    CPVC is not an approved material for that use as far as I know. That being said, if you can't find info regarding the barrier issue, I'd isolate it with a HX and treat the CPVC side to inhibit sludge and crud formation in it. An ounce of prevention is worth ........
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