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need a starting point for a weil p468 w beckett

1.25x80A, 100 PSI, F6 head, 2-3/4" disk, insertion 3", shutter 10, band 0.

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  • oil-2-4-6-gasoil-2-4-6-gas Posts: 641Member
    need a starting point for a weil p468 w beckett

    i have the pleasure of doing another 1 of those calls where someone has changed all the settings--pump pressure etc.. and who knows what else through the years ---i'm going there later this evening --i cant seem to locate my Beckett application guide --can someone please post some settings -
    from the Beckett bible -
  • brucewo1bbrucewo1b Posts: 638Member
    Hope this helps

    1.25 80 A, 100psi, Shutter 10 band 0, static plate 2-3/4, F6 head,
  • oil-2-4-6-gasoil-2-4-6-gas Posts: 641Member

    awesome --THanks guys ---- i just got off the phone with the homeowner (who is an engineer) --i had him pull the nozzle assy --just for the heck of it -----

    it had a .75 90* --who knows what was done to that poor thing -----
  • Guy_6Guy_6 Posts: 450Member

    I always had great luck with a 1.00 80*A @100psi in that boiler. Side bands at 10, main band closed. Since that unit has been "worked", I would also check the "Z" dimension (nozzle depth to head).
  • oil-2-4-6-gasoil-2-4-6-gas Posts: 641Member

    well i found a lot of carbon the head from the angle of the nozzle ---air band set to #2 main at 0 pump at 100 -- i cant believe it was running ///the chamber was full of debris from the target wall -and soot acumulation from 20 years //// that was another fun 1 --i had a chamber kit --so i did the chamber the head was an f-6 re adjusted it all -ended up with a 110 80*
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