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Personal CO Monitor is a must

Jeff WJeff W Posts: 52Member ✭✭
Just bought the CO Angel personal CO monitor. I wear it almost all the time now. Walked into an estimate call and the unit alarmed at about 40-45ppm immediately. I asked the owner if he knew he had a CO problem and he said yes. Turns out he was shut down by utility 1 YEAR AGO and a 'contractor' came in, ripped apart the boiler and 'couldn't find anything wrong.' So he fired it back up. Guy has a grown son living in a bedroom adjacent to the boiler room. They also watch a grandchild 3 days a week. The entire house was filled with 40ppm.

This guy was in denial big time, but was convinced about shutting the unit down and we did boiler install one day later.

Me: Just curious, do you have a CO alarm in the house?

Owner: I used to, but it was always beeping and my son couldn't sleep so we disconnected it.

I will be purchasing a CO Angel for all my techs soon- what a great tool.
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  • Jim DavisJim Davis Posts: 578Member
    Personal monitor

    Great job Jeff!   Not the last family that you will save and then saving your own life isn't such a bad thing either..
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  • John MillsJohn Mills Posts: 513Member ✭✭
    Who makes it?
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  • icesailoricesailor Posts: 6,702Member ✭✭✭
    And your employees.
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  • icesailoricesailor Posts: 6,702Member ✭✭✭
    My big question is how is it that a utility shuts it down, and orders it fixed, and it is improperly fixed and as bad as it was when the utility shuts it off, why the utility doesn't check to be sure that it hasn't been running illegally?

    I found two improperly vented gas furnaces that had blocked secondary heat exchangers that could only be repaired by replacement (lifetime warranty) I told the owner, he handled it and expected it to be done properly. The guy owns and flies his own aircraft. He doesn't cut corners. He hired some guy. I notified the gas supplier in person and in writing that both heaters were illegally vented, that both furnaces had blocked HX's and they would be responsible for any problems. The manager went out later and proclaimed all OK, when no permits were obtained to modify the venting. I was called a couple of months later when neither furnace would run and neither would shut off. I wouldn't touch them.

    Where's the liability end?
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