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Got a slight problem

Dave0176Dave0176 Member Posts: 571
All might remember the nice install I did on my helpers boiler. Heres the problem when I sized the house up I came up with 243 EDR so I speced a WM EG35 100,000 BTU. The problem was his father and brother were insisting on the EG45 which I told them was waaaay over size, they were going off the old boiler and didn't trust my findings. So he asked for the EG40, I tried to convince him not to do it, and I figured after some installs with me he would listen but he didn't. Mean while he had 4 radiators disconnected but told me to account for them. So now the boiler is installed and he got some issues, he says most don't heat at all, so I went today and replaced half vents and that took care of most the problem. The biggest problem was trying to convince his wife the 4 rads that needed to go back in, well she won, and now he has a waaay oversized boiler. the basement is roasting hot which heats the first floor basically by itself. He gave me that look and said your right I cant complain I picked it. I said your stuck with it now. He could've gotten away with the EG30..........
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