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Help for first time homeowner with Utica service question


First time homeowner here in NJ. I'm an energy engineer by trade and a tinkerer, and I want to see if The Wall thinks about trying to tackle an issue I just ran into with my Utica SFH3100WT oil boiler.

I ran the unit for the first time the other day since purchasing the home (~1800 sq ft Cape) in August. The burner kicked on, everything was going great, approaching steady state. I was using a Testo to take combustion readings, and it was looking pretty normal....~85% EFF, 5% O2, low CO ppm. Then, at about 4 minutes, I started to hear a surging "whoosh" sound happen every 3 seconds or so. At each "whoosh," I got a puff of combustion products out of the barometric damper (which was about 10" in front of my face...very comforting). I looked at the Testo, and the CO had spiked to 500 ppm and climbing, then the burner locked out.

I'm thinking that this was a gunked up nozzle because the unit had been sitting for about 2 months before I fired it. Does this sound reasonable? If so, is this the type of thing I DIY guy with a reasonable level of burner knowledge could potentially tackle? I've pulled the manual and I think I can clean things up....curious if anybody has any opinions about my ambition here.

Thanks for the help.

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