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Product or a home recipe?

Sorry to take you away from the more interesting questions but I'll ask this anyways. Have a brand new 2005 cube that was hit with spray paint of every colour. Was wondering if any one knows a good way to get it off "without" stripping the original paint off? this cube has only 800 km on it.thats about 480 miles for you guys. It already looks used.
Thanks in advance,take care


  • Steve Garson_2
    Steve Garson_2 Member Posts: 638

    First..what is a cube?

    If the paint is a fine mist and very fresh, i.e. less than a few days, try some rubbing compound,which is used for gently abrading the paint surface of cars.
    Steve from Newton, MA
  • Terry St.james
    Terry St.james Member Posts: 25

    A cube is a truck...has a van cab but has a box in the back.
  • Al Corelli
    Al Corelli Member Posts: 454

    Try WD40.

    Lighter fluid

    laquer thinner.
  • Goof Off...

    is specifically for removing spray paint. One of our trucks got "tagged" in front of one of our comfort technicians home. Came right off with little elbow grease.

  • Dan_15
    Dan_15 Member Posts: 388

    recent overspray can be removed with detailing clay. That is how the auto body shops do it. It is a non-chemical method that preserves the finish.
  • Scott72
    Scott72 Member Posts: 2

    We have used E-Z Off oven cleaner with great results! The trucks we used this on were older trucks without a clear-coat. I would only try this as a last resort especially if your truck has a clear-coat finish. If nothing else works, what do you have to lose?
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