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programmable timer for indirect DWH

I have a top performer plus - S50TPP indirect oil fired water tank- connected to Burnham oil fired boiler - installed 3 years ago - very happy IN WINTER. The summer cycling of cold furnace every time 2-3 minutes of hot water is
called for is bothersome at best - annoying at worst. Cold boiler
runs for 20 minutes to heat 3-4-5 gallons in Top Performer ($1.75-
$2.50). We are wasting way to much oil to heat up cold furnace before
it does any good. - then after Top Performer is satisfied, the 180-
degrees in boiler sits there and dissipates it's heat into the basement - another waste.

I currently have setting of boiler at 180 degrees. temp on storage tank
at 140 deg - I already have changed the differential setting to 15 degrees. ANY SUGGESTIONS YOU CAN MAKE to lower the number of cycles would help.?

Main question: CAN YOU SUGGEST A 24/7 programmable TIMER THAT CAN BE PUT IN-LINE
with the 24V TPI themostat to "intercept" the TPI signal calling for heat.
With our common household usage, this tank arrangement is so wonderful in heat loss, that we could easily go 2 days without firing the boiler -IF we can put a timer on it.

I am also going to install some form of "pre-heat" to help raise the
incoming well water temp. Probably an old water tank - stripped off insualtion and put inline with incoming line - then also, will be adding some form of solar flat panel that will be a closed loop to another (used) Superstor 40gal tank with exchanger.

Thank-you in advance for your help


  • Mitch_4
    Mitch_4 Member Posts: 955
    why not

    use a 24/7 programmable thermostat. Used the R & W terminals, and when you want the cicuit complete program the room temp for the lowest possible setting, and when you want to prevent operation, set the room temp to the highest. Should work unless your basement gets cooler than 55 and hotter than 95°F.

    A cheap programmable stat is what? 20 bucks?
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