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Taco ESP zone valves

joe i need a zone valve for a oil coal boiler, powered closed open on power loss. what #'s i need to order the right valve ? it's 1" swt?


  • craig_4
    craig_4 Member Posts: 14
    Taco ESP zone valves

    what's the word on these new valves? endlessly frustrated with honeywells v8043's and hoping this is the answer. if anyone has any experience with these, your feedback is appreciated.
  • carol_3
    carol_3 Member Posts: 397

    I asked the local rep here and he says the ESP powerhead was changed a couple years ago, but that he doesn't know of anything newer than that.

    Tell me about your problems with the Honeywell V8043s. Maybe I can help. And have you seen the new 5000 series with the snap-off powerhead and no-water hammer motor?
  • craig_4
    craig_4 Member Posts: 14

    I've had some instances where I have replaced power heads or entire valves every year. The lubrication in the shaft looses effectiveness and the valve won't open far enough to close the end switch or the valve won't close all the way causing an over heat situation. A lot of techs that I've talked with have had the same experiences with the v8043 assemblies.
    Not familiar with the 5000 series.
  • Joe Mattiello_2
    Joe Mattiello_2 Member Posts: 94

    The Taco ESP zonevalve is fully compatible with all thermostats, with a dual capacitor system to improve response time and torque rate. The first generation ESP had a NO/NC switch on the side but this caused a lot of confusion in the field, so Taco eliminated the switch but still offers the valve as normally closed (standard), and the normally open version. The ESP continues to be the smartest valve in the world. The features it offers compared to the competition makes it the zone valve choice for contractors.

    Joe Mattiello
    Technical Support Technician
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    Fax. 401-942-2360
    [email protected]
  • Ragu
    Ragu Member Posts: 138

    I've used them a few times and I really like them. As Joe said, the first generation could be run NO/NC with the flip of a switch. I miss that option.

    I was forewarned by my supplier (in 2002) that the motors were not always opening up on the first wave of ESP's. That was true, and they made good on them. No problems since.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    i have installed hundreds of them *~/:)

    the first runs and the newer runs . bought about 60 of them a few months ago and i am already out of them:)

    the i series with out door reset or set point control will match the valve body. this means that you can offer an up grade in certain instances when the funds become available :)or the reasoning becomes apparent *~/:)
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