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symmons valve

where the diverter won't leak in the wall. Bob

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  • ed wallace
    ed wallace Member Posts: 1,613
    symmons valve

    need advice on a symmons valve have hot water at full flow but no very little cold water since its a balancing valve shouldnt i get little or no hot water if the cold water is almost non existence ? valve is only 4 months old has been rebuilt 4 times plenty of cold water in kitchen and at the vanity i have flushed out the valve, after removeing the seats rebuilt valve nothing seems to help i believe there my bve a valve buried in the wall or something is blocking the water flow I am hesitant to cut open the wall to replace the valve

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  • bal spool

    Ed, when u had the gut out of the valve, is the balencing spool freely move when u shake it? If not, replace it, if it does move, balencing spool can be bad,I opted to replace it anyway... Symmmons is not my favorite shower valve to repair...
  • Ed_26
    Ed_26 Member Posts: 284
    balancing valve

    Has it been installed properly? check the ports, maybe not piped right.
  • Mitch_6
    Mitch_6 Member Posts: 549
    open the valve again by taking the bonnet (cap) off

    shut off the hot water at the heater then see if you get flow when you turn the house service back on. If not then your blockage is up stream and not the valve.

    I have seen elbows filled with solder blocking flow.

    In mass Symmons is very popular and there tech support is great. The valves are also very simple if you have already changed the stems and seats but still have a problem then it is getting the water to the valve not the valve itself.

    also see if you can isolate the valve and back flush in some form although this would be easier done if it was the hot that had poor flow.

    1 800 symmons may work but it sounds like the problem is before the valve.

    Mitch S.

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  • Geo_11
    Geo_11 Member Posts: 1

    Ed,I have a stem with the balancing spool cut off just for this reason,apprentices and there need to use 2" of solder on a 1/2" joint,remove the shower head and let her rip.P.S,yes symmons is a big seller in the northeast but there the last to still use washers???,would love to see them come out with something new and not just cheap plastic finish parts.50 years and still the same body?.Hey symmons,how about a ceramic cartridge!,it's 2006!.
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