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Heat Recovery Chiller questions?

Its basicly a water cooled chiller that instead of a cooling tower uses a heat exchanger to preheat (or in some cases cover the whole load) of domestic water and reheat coils in the building. Great thing to do in places like hospitals or manufacturing that have year round chilled water loads.


  • Luke Lefever_3
    Luke Lefever_3 Member Posts: 38
    Dedicated Heat Recovery Chiller questions

    So, I'm sitting in the bathroom, reading the July 2006 issue of Engineered Systems. On page 16 there is an article about a hospital down in Evansville that has a dedicated heat recovery chiller (DHRC). I'm trying to picture in my mind how this works. Can someone school me?

    So far, I think its a Heat Recovery Ventilator system that takes exhaust air, evaporates refrigerant to capture the energy, and the condening portion of the system prewarms the water for the space heating and domestic hydronic systems. The article talks about saving 30,000 therms of NG per year, or approximately 3 BILLION BTU recycled through the hospital.

    How far off am I?

    Thanks, Luke Lefever, Lefever Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Elkhart, IN

    link to article....
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