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Out Door Wood Boilers

S Ebels
S Ebels Member Posts: 2,322
Isolating the house side from the "boiler" side with a HX'er is the ONLY way to pipe one of these. The HO will have to told to keep his chemicals right in the OD unit and I highle recommend using a good strainer ahead of the HX also. It'll plug within 2-3 years otherwise.

The problem around here is the goober's that are selling them have little to no knowledge of how to pipe a heating system. There's a pair of guys that go around installing these things here that I can best describe as watching the Dumb and Dumber dudes pipe a heating system.

On another note regarding outdoor wood boilers....I heard today from a guy connected with the DEQ here in Michigan that the state is bringing a cease and desist type lawsuit against Central Boiler. Seems there are too many complaints from people about smoke and efficiency (or the lack thereof). Got a feeling things are about to get interesting for a lot of the ODWB companies.


  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 767
    Out door wood boilers

    Ok, I don't like these things and I know the ones open to the atmosphere void warranties on certain indoor boilers they are piped to. Putting that aside, I periodically get called for air problems on the ones piped to the atmosphere. Is there any way to deal with the air issues? They have the airvents plugged/closed and the make up water shut off to function. They are piped pumping away yet it seems like each unit will have a certain zone that gets air bound. Any suggestions short of telling the customer he/she wasted a ton of money? One guy sells them, the plumbers pipe them and we (the oil company) get the service calls.
    Thanks for any suggestions,

  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    The only way I install them

    is with a heat exchanger to seperate the open side "boiler" from the pressurized house side. A basic flat plate, properly sized works nicely.

    It solves both the air issues and the corrosion that sneak up on you little by little. It also eliminates the need for a high head pump that "lifts" the open system water to the upper levels.

    hot rod

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  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 767
    Thanks Guys

    I agree with the heat exchanger but in our area the guy selling these things tells the people they only need chemicals. After he gets thousands he tells them the heat exchanger isn't worth the expense. He must not make any money on heat exchangers. So they give him mucho deniro and he knows everything. I tell them the warranty on most boilers is void without the heat exchanger. I do hope they put some control on them although I hate government intervention. I hate the smoke they cause and I'm no tree hugger but they are a nusiance.

  • Joe B._2
    Joe B._2 Member Posts: 5

    I also only pipe OWBs with heat exchangers. If you size them as good as possible and explain the operation and what not to burn the smoke is tolerable. The bad smokers ussually do not have any forced draft.
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