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Opinions on recommendation received boiler replacement

michael_15 Member Posts: 231
You've got 460 EDR of radiation servicing a place with only 50,000 BTU of heat loss?! That's nuts. Your radiators are way too big. Am I reading that right? You might want to consider actually downsizing the radiators.

As to the tankless, I don't know, but I'd guess that it is definitely better than using the boiler water itself -- steam boiler water tends to be on the yucky side and also harder to moderate temperature-wise.



  • Steve Garson
    Steve Garson Member Posts: 191

    I am finally at the point of comparing quotations to replace my 70 year old steam boiler. The steamer services 460EDR of radiation as well as a 33 foot hot water loop fed right off the boiler water to heat a room with heat loss of
    13,000 BTU.n Building heat loss is the steam part of the home is almost 50,000 BTU.

    I have all kinds of suggestions, but the one I would like feedback on is this: 4 section WM Boiler with 6GPM Everhot side tankless for the baseboard. I am told that this is the better way to service the baseboard loop from a long term perspective.

    My thought is that the tankless would introduce standby losses and the water ciculating to the tankless will probably load the boiler the same. Is my thinking wrong?
    This is a big investment and I want to be sure I am not wasting money on the external tankless.

  • Steve Garson
    Steve Garson Member Posts: 191

    The house is 80 years old and today it is well insulated and has new windows. The fact is that the heat works perfectly from a balanced heat perspective. No hot rooms and every radiator heats at about the same time, just not necessarily the entire radiator, unless it's a design day.
  • Steve Garson
    Steve Garson Member Posts: 191
    External tankless or loop off boiler

    The Everhot 6GPM adds ~5 gallons to what the boiler needs to heat. Won't this in itself mean lost efficiency versus running the 33 feet of baseboard directly off the steam boiler water?
  • Sam G._2
    Sam G._2 Member Posts: 17

    As a licensed master plumber, after 30 years I will no longer install WM boilers. Too many problems without satifactory back-up by the company. It is not just me. This is being said by many installers.
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