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hr Member Posts: 6,106
hard water high in calcium can lime up the coils after a while. Sometimes a short while :) Of course the amount of water that has flowed through it, and the hardness, will determine the amount of lime up potential.

The hotter the coil is run (boiler side) the faster the minerals will attract to it. Electric HW elements are a classic example of mineral attraction to a very hot surface.

Check your hardness to get an indicator. Generally recovery performance will slowly drop when the HX coils start to lime.

Some brands of tanks have inspection ports, which is nice. And I see more and more brands with removable coils for ease of cleaning and de-liming.

The manufacture should be able to guide you through a mild acid de-lime procedure if you suspect a problem. HTP has a product they recommend for stainless Munchkin cleaning, this may be the same product they suggest for their indirect tanks.

Use care when acid products are used. And wear old jeans :)

hot rod

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  • Bill Jackson
    Bill Jackson Member Posts: 5

    Sorry for the caps, just realized it. I have their SS Indirect water heater, does this unti require any maintenance like draining, etc to help its longevity, I have had such good luck with it, I just want to keep it that way. Thank you
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