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Has anyone had any experience with this anti-freeze. It is going to be used in my son's new home for his system.

I am also told that this can be used with systems using aluminum heat exchangers???


  • Brian (Tankless) Wood
    Brian (Tankless) Wood Member Posts: 222
    Aluminium heat exchangers, ouch!

    Hi Timmie. It's a water quality, velocity, difference in metals thing. When there are so many good quality copper & stainless F-P HX's out there, Ally would be my last choice.

    Luv ya man.

    P.S. may I e-mail you about a personal thing that's bothering me that I would appreciate your advice on?


  • Thanks Brian

    sure send an e-mail I would be glad to be of help if I can.
  • George_10
    George_10 Member Posts: 580

    Have had lots of experience with this product many years ago. Back then it was actually an additive to uninhibited glycol to provide a corrosion package. The product that you are looking at now may be a pre-treated pre- mixed glycol but I would definately follow up on that with your supplier. The vast majority of the corrosion packages that are used in glycols are not compatable with aluminum! The pH buffer pushes the pH level way to high for aluminum and will start to oxidize it immediately. Big problem! There is a product that is available for use with uninhibited glycol. Email me and I can get you the information about it. Hope this helps.

  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 15,428

    my 2 cents! I think aluminumn can be used sucessfully IF and a big IF, the fluid is chosen carefully and maintained regularly. Probably millions of aluminum radiators and engine blocks out there working fine.

    Hopefully the company that has suggested that product has blended it properly:)

    Often times this fluid maintenance task gets a little big for the average homeowner. When homes change ownership the required maintemance slips through the loop, more often than not. As long as you son is comfortable with maintenance, go for it i say :)

    The Fernox product you mentioned is not an antifreeze in itself. It is an inhibitor to be blended into glycol. Heatway distributed this product for years with their systems. There were some issues with shelf life, shipping from UK where it's manufactured, and some EPA issues. It cannot be blended with all glycols, such as automotive or nitrite based glycols.

    The issue is not just the aluminum, but the mix of materials. Add copper, steel, pex, etc to the package and the inhibitor blend is very challanging.

    Rhomar has formulated a domestic built product specifically for these modern hydronic systems that contain the spectrum of materials. If you need more info contact me. Good luck.

    hot rod

    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
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