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Gas Appliance Connector Hose

Douglas Hicks
Douglas Hicks Member Posts: 69
I have a resturant Account that has a gas hose supplying a salamander. the salamander is wall mounted above a gas charbroiler. The plastic covering on the gas hose is showing damage from the heat. I have not seen this type of hose except uner appliances, and have concerns as to the use of this hose in this application. The owner & I agree the hose needs to be replaced. Ithink we should replace this hose with pipe, the owner wants the hose replaced w/another hose and a heat shield installed over the hose. The hose is only 2 years old. there are not labels/tags on the hose. I do have access to hoses meeting ANSI Z21.24, ANSI Z21.69, ANSI Z21.41 and ANSI23.11. I did try the ANXI.org web site, but as I am not an AMSI member could not get any information as the the temperature rating of the hoses. I got the same result when trying to get information from the CGA web site.

Douglas Hicks
General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc


  • What is the purpose of the Salamander?

    It seems strange to me that it would be mounted in this manner.

    As far as connector hose for restaurant equipment there are several different standards. They pertain directly to application.

    I would suggest you try www.nfpa.org. There is a contact area at that site perhaps they would give you exact requirements for restaurant hoses.

    I still am concerned about the fact that the salamander is mounted above the char broiler. My experince with salmanders is that they are for construction sites only and they are temporary heaters for construction projects.

    The only notes I have on gas connectors for temperatures is 250 degrees (F) for frylator connectors outside the combustion area if in the combustion area then it is 400 Degrees.
  • MURPH'
    MURPH' Member Posts: 88
    CHEESE MELTER ....????

  • Glen
    Glen Member Posts: 855
    yes indeed -

    cheese melter, reheat, preheat etc. Welsh Toast anyone? To quote another - "it depends" on jurisdiction. Commercial flexible hoses are definitely available on your side of the border. And most codes allow flexible, approved connecters - so it depends on mounting, possible movement of equipment etc. My preference is hard piping of salamanders unless ridgidly attached to other equipment or wall etc. Hope this helps.
  • Douglas Hicks
    Douglas Hicks Member Posts: 69

    Different terms for the salamander are cheese melter, plate warmer, etc. The salamanders are normally mounted on the wall, above other appliances. Usually they are not mounted above charbroilers because of the heat and grease vapors porduced by the charbroiler. This is the only salamander I have seen not hard piped, which is one reason I want to get rid of the gas hose. I also want to move the gas regulator away from the heat and grease vapors. I will get my NFPA CD out and look at NFPA 58.

    Keep the info coming

    Douglas Hicks
    General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc
  • eric_2
    eric_2 Member Posts: 148
    Gas connector

    Check out www.dormont.com. They are manufacturers of commercial gas connectors and have a large selection for all sorts of applications. Hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
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