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DIY Buderus Boiler “Door Refractory” Replacement

amgleic Member Posts: 1
edited September 2021 in Gas Heating
We recently had a tech come by to service our Buderus G115 boiler with riello gas burner. They wrote on the invoice we need the “door refractory” replaced as its crumbling. I think what they meant was the burner door? Could someone confirm what they might mean by door refractory?

They sent us a quote for the repair and it seems pretty steep for a part replacement. After doing some research it looks like this might be pretty straight forward, is this something a handy homeowner could do themselves if they got the part? Unfortunately they didn’t send us any sort of itemized quote so I’m in the dark a little.


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 13,769

    Please remove your pricing. We can't talk prices in this forum

    The refractory is the fire brick or cerafelt or other high temp insulation insulation that insulates the metal door to keep it from overheating and warping. Weather the door and refractory has to be purchased as 1 unit or the refractory can be purchased individually I don't know.

    And Buderus doesn't give their parts away either.

    That's what your paying your service company for, the part, the labor, the truck, the tools, and the knowledge.

    If you can figure out what you need for parts and buy them from a Buderus distributor then go for it.

    I would suggest that you download the boiler manual and have a look. You may find for the price you were quoted it's not worth your time.
    Erin Holohan Haskell
    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,247
    I think it's great that the tech opened the boiler to check/clean the heat exchanger, but did they explain to you why it happened in the first place, and was the problem solved?
    The G115 wants 0 to slightly positive draft over fire. If draft and combustion are not set correctly, there will be problems. A gas power burner will usually have a lower stack temperature than an oil burner so condensation might be something to look for.
    Is the insersion depth correct on the burner? Could be excessive heat at the end cone.
    And if the door insulation is being replaced, make sure the kaowool rope door gasket is replaced as well.