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Carlin G3B Intermittent Flame Fix

If your Carlin G3B Burner Flames on and then Flames off, or has an Intermittent Flame On and Flame Off, you need to check the blower cage wheel that brings the Airflow or Oxygen into the unit, it can most definitely collect debris and dirt lint etc.

Fig # 18 thru 23 below, is the direct location of the blower assembly mentioned. #19 is the blower wheel that gets clogged in the fins.

To do the fix, there are 4 screws on the blower housing you need to remove. Once you have removed the four screws, pull out the squirrel cage and clean the fins. I used a screwdriver to get the dirt and debris inside the fins, I then used an air can, and a vacuum to remove the debris. I did this fix and it worked flawlessly. I wasn't getting enough air into my unit. 


  • AngryPossum
    AngryPossum Member Posts: 3

  • AngryPossum
    AngryPossum Member Posts: 3
    Number 16 above is the blower motor.
  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 2,521
    Thanks Mr. Possum, for the update... I hope that the burner problem is not the reason you are Angry.
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