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For cooling only, would Mitsubishi FH beat their GL series, since its SEER is 30 vs 24?

Hi. I have a home in a warm place (USVI). My seven year old Mitsubishi split has developed a condenser leak (probably due to Hurricane Irma), and needs to be replaced. The local advice is to go with the cooling-only GL series, 9K BTU, one for each of two bedrooms. Electricity is crazy expensive in the VI; we have some solar PV, but efficiency counts for a lot. We have no need of heating, but the SEER on the Mitsubishi FH series is a lot higher (30, vs 24 for the GL), so I am tempted to go with the FH. Is the apparent efficiency gain real, or is it a function of climate, and complicated metrics such as SEER. I wish they simply posted the COP. Thanks!


  • SuperJ
    SuperJ Member Posts: 605
    edited September 2018
    There are more comprehensive performance specs here. Since they give wattage and sensible and total cooling capacities you could calculate the COP at all kinds of temperatures and loads based on the information.
    Maybe a bigger deal than the efficiency is the that the FH series has a min modulation rate have of the GL series. This will probably means less cycling and better dehumidification/comfort.

    Page A-413 for the FH09NA Cooling Charts

    Page A-374 for the GL09 cooling charts.