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Honeywell R8222k 1000 replaced with R8222N 1011...same issue

Smitdy Member Posts: 15
I have a customer with a nat gas fired steam boiler. I have been to the residence a few times in the past once for a bad auto make-up water feed, and once for a bad thermal roll out switch. Any I have recommended replacement to the customer as their is no hartford loop installed on it and the equalizer and connecting piping was installed in copper. The customer has agreed to do it in the spring however we are trying to limp this unit through the winter. The issue I am having right now is what I though was a bad gas valve has turned into a wiring issue. The unit has a power damper on it as well as a probe type low water cut off, and an electronic igniter. I'm having a problem with one of the relays. It was a honeywell R8222k 1000 and when tied into the thermostat wire it makes noise and sparks, I tried replacing the control with a newer one, an R8222N 1011 and it does the same thing. I followed the factory wiring diagram and everything seems to be correct... Anyone run into this or something similar.


  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144

    What is the measured volts across the relay coil as the relay is energized? Is there a 2nd xformer?
  • bbunner
    bbunner Member Posts: 2
    I have exactly the same problem. With a programmable thermostat with electromechanical relays, there is no problem. When I tried to switch to a Nest thermostat with solid-state relays, the R2822k 1000 was clicking every few seconds. This is NOT a C wire issue. The Nest is also connected to a modern AC unit, which does provide it with power. In fact, the problem occurs even when only the base of the Nest is connected to the boiler (W1 & Rh wires). I think it's an issue of the finite resistance of the SST relays even when closed but I might be wrong. If you have found the solution to your problem, I'd be curious to hear it.