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Buderus with logamatic R2107

icdpb2012icdpb2012 Member Posts: 4
I am having problems with my buderus with a R2107 logamatic. the boiler does not fire until the boiler temp reaches about 100 degrees and turns off at about 135 with a latent heat spike of about 140-142 degrees. I am a little familiar with the system because me and my cousin who is a plumber installed a wood boiler to run in conjunction with it, which I have used all winter. now that its warmer and wood heat is not as practical I have noticed this little problem which means its takes hours and hours to raise the house up just 4 or 5 degrees on a 50 degree day outside. I have the refrence temp set to 170, but all refrence temps end in the same result. help please. thank you in advance


  • R ManninoR Mannino Member Posts: 434
    I'd start by raising the offset. Stop using setback thermostats with ODR.
    Robert O'Brienicdpb2012
  • icdpb2012icdpb2012 Member Posts: 4
    I will try that tomorrow! thank you for your quick response. I have the offset set to 0 right now, should I change it up or down and by hour much? also what is an setback thermostat?
  • icdpb2012icdpb2012 Member Posts: 4
    ok, so I googled what you were talking about @R Mannino and I guess I do have setback thermostats...they are digital but that is it, up for more heat and down for less, they are primitive and what came with the house. and yes I do have an outdoor air sensor that also came with the house. do you think I should disable the ODR by unplugging( un-wiring it) from the back of the logamatic? or just try changing the off set to like +9 degrees? the reason why I am having these issues is that this is the first time I have actually used this boiler for heat, in the past the Harman wood boiler did all of the heating and the Buderus simply acted as a means of controlling the zones when they called for heat. thank you again in advance!
  • R ManninoR Mannino Member Posts: 434
    Try 4 or 5 on the offset. Check the building response setting. Set the thermostats to the temperature you want the house to be and leave it. The 2107 does the setback if you dig in to the big manual that comes with it, use the setback that way.
  • icdpb2012icdpb2012 Member Posts: 4
    ok, thank you @R Mannino I will give it a try tomorrow and let you know. also I am not familiar with the building response that the 1, 2 , or 3 that you can choose based on your buildings heat loss estimates?
  • R ManninoR Mannino Member Posts: 434
    Set the building response to 1

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