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Suggestions for new forum

Ross_24 Member Posts: 82
I know a new forum layout/design for this site is being built. Not sure if a similar thread has already started, but let's list some advice for the new forum!

1. Tapatalk - make compatible with this iOS app. Users can post directly to the forum using a simple iPhone app in the field. Adding pictures immediately from the phone will increase the usability of the site big time. Yes you can access the forum fr your phone or tablet now, but trust me Tapatalk is MUCH easier.

2. Add "likes", "thanks" and reputation buttons

3. Allow subscribed threads to be easily viewed under your profile.

4. Add polls and voting!

Ok let's add to the list...


  • Spence
    Spence Member Posts: 316

    They simply MUST make the security math for responses easier. Sometimes it takes me hours to be able to respond to help requests. Perhaps it is my fault; I have a new phone and can't yet use the calculator function.
  • Ross_24
    Ross_24 Member Posts: 82
    Good point there.

    How about a forum section to share all the latest articles and research from around the web? We can share them and they can also use a bot to scrape blogs etc.
  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,564
    what a good idea

    Maybe they will go over to those unreadable, distorted letters and numbers!!!!--NBC
  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,072
    The new forum

    Thanks for the comments. Vanilla is building the new Wall. Here's a link to its features: http://vanillaforums.com/features/user-experience. I think you'll be pleased.

    Right now, they're moving the content from here to the new site, which is also completely different. Stay tuned.
    Retired and loving it.
  • Tom_133
    Tom_133 Member Posts: 823
    Thanks Dan

    The Vanilla forum functions look great. This forum is a little dated, but it has really helped me. There is nothing like finding this forum joining with the attitude of "Wait til I teach them a few things" and having a humility check!! It was awesome and humbling, a lot of very smart guys on this forum.
    Montpelier Vt
  • RobG
    RobG Member Posts: 1,850

    The only things that bother me currently is that I get timed out and have log in over and over. Then when I do log in again posts that I have already seen show up as new. And while I am posting in a thread I cannot expand the photos without losing all that I have written.That's all.

  • Ross_24
    Ross_24 Member Posts: 82
    Vanilla is perfect. Thanks Dan

    Don't forget to have them install the Tapatalk plugin. They've built one specifically for Vanilla.

    As the others have said, this forum is amazing. Incredible wealth of information.
  • RobG
    RobG Member Posts: 1,850

    When is the new format expected to debut? Will we just log in one day an it will be all new? Will we have to re-register?

  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,072
    May launch this month

    But we'll see. We've been working on this since February. I've spend the past several months moving the content, piece by piece. There's a lot of stuff on this site.

    Vanilla captured the whole Wall in May and have moved the posts. They're currently working on moving the jpegs. It's a big job.

    When it goes live, we'll be shut down for a day so that they can move the content posted between May and the launch date. When it comes back up it will have everyone's user name and password in place. New users will be able to sign in with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, etc. And the Wall will be open to the whole world. Right now, you have to be in the U.S. to post. You'll also be able to discuss every article on the site within the sections that hold those articles.

    I think you'll like what's coming.
    Retired and loving it.
  • Jack
    Jack Member Posts: 1,046
    As long

    As you don't use non-barrier tubing, cast iron circ, pipe it with CSST or vent it with PVC, I think I'll stick around...if you don't mind.
  • RobG
    RobG Member Posts: 1,850
    USA Only

    Dan, I know that we have people posting from Canada, New Zealand, Germany etc...... How do they manage that?

  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,072

    They registered with a US address.
    Retired and loving it.
  • Snowmelt
    Snowmelt Member Posts: 1,334
    Hall of

    Shame and fame like they have in talk-hvac.com

    Pictures are worth a thousand words.

    Are we going to have one of those also?
  • Ross_24
    Ross_24 Member Posts: 82
    Private Pros Only Forum Section?

    Just an idea. Business owners/Pros only. To discuss business techniques, share spreadsheets or documents we may use all while staying off the public forum.