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Anti syphon reducing valve

Hi Frank, I need a 1/2" sweat or NPT in line anti syphon reducing valve to replace my old Flotrol 600  12 #.   I guess Flotrol went the way of the DODO. 

Can you recommend a replacement.  On this application it keeps the domestic HW away from the hot water baseboard and drops pressure to 12 lbs.  Tag says  pre-set to 12 lbs.   Single story bldg. with boiler on same floor as the heat. 

Dog dish is not the original equipment LOL. 

Been a while hope all is good with you!


  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 14,842
    Code has changed since that was installed

    you now need not only a pressure-reducing valve, but also a backflow preventer. The latter unit inserts a reduced-pressure zone between two check valves as additional protection against backflow.

    Pretty much any standard unit will suffice. The Bell & Gossett FB-38 pressure-reducing valve is a decent unit, though others have their favorites. There are several different brands of backflow preventers out there, and they all perform about the same in my experience.

    Good to hear from you!
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