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Heat-Timer vs Tekmar

Can anyone suggest which control would be better to use on a steam system ?


  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,510
    Tekmar vs heat-timer

    you could go to their websites, and see which one has the right feel for you.

    what sort of system are you putting this on-large-small?

    one thing to think of with these controls is that they can only function with a perfectly balanced system. they cannot compensate for lack of venting, and balance, and in fact can exaggerate any problems, making things worse.

    many people here are using the Tekmar, and love it. the heat-timer had a big sales force which sold their units widely as a band-aid for badly maintained systems, so the only ones we hear off are those.--NBC
  • EzzyT
    EzzyT Member Posts: 1,167
    Big system

    Yeah I know they could mask the real big issues of unbalanced steam system. This system that I'm working on (one pipe) has a ton of issues and the landlord doesn't want to do anything with with repiping the near boiler piping and upgrade the venting he just wants to replace the heat-timer control and the Lwco.
  • nicholas bonham-carter
    nicholas bonham-carter Member Posts: 8,510
    edited January 2014
    Boiler control

    The heat timer, and Tekmar controls are pretty expensive, with all the sensors, which will no doubt have to be replaced. What is wrong with the one in place now?

    A Honeywell Visionpro with remote sensor in the coldest area which is still heated, could sub for a more fancy control, and the balance of the money spent on improved main venting, with a 0-3 psi gauge.

    In a big building, the payback for corrective maintenance can be less than a month.

    Ask him if he had a car with dragging brakes whether he would replace the cruise control?

    The problem here is that after you put the new control on, you own the system, and you will be back many times on your dime to reprogram the control.

    If you look at the testimonials on the heat timer website, hidden in the job description is not only the heat timer installation; but also adding main venting, repiping, etc. it was no doubt the other things done which made the biggest difference, but the heat timer takes all the credit!

    Post some pictures of the most visible defects here and let him read any comments.

    Ask him what he wishes to accomplish with the replacement of the control, eg save money on fuel, greater comfort?--NBC
  • i'm

    I'm a Tekmar control guy... IMO, Tekmar 279 control is easier to set up than Heatimer..
  • lovesteamheat
    lovesteamheat Member Posts: 4
    Yay for Tekmar

    Right, no sense in replacing the radio if your speakers are blown but if the system is functionally sound Tekmar does an awesome job. Tekmar's plant is located right around the corner from my house, the only one around here with steam heat, and they have used me as a beta site for their controls as they evolve. The combination of their indoor and outdoor temp sensors teaching the controller patterns, and the variety of return condensate temp sensors, programmable settings etc are way cool. Kind of a space age control panel for my 100 yo boiler.