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Quick Question onBethroom Sink Leak

nycpanycpa Member Posts: 108
Hi Guys, i know this is a heating website but got a quick question on a leak that is coming from the stopper valve connection of my bath room sink.  Its made of some cheap plastic part that loosens when water runs for a while then starts to leak.  I attached a picture, i plan on taking it to the plumbing supply store tomorrow.  Other than the small black pipe and a new stopper piece that goes into the pipe, do I need anything else?  Plan to replace with metal pipe.  Thanks for the help.  


  • WeezboWeezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Sye ,

    i think that you can tighten that by hand .

    the part is not very spendy . to replace,

    there is a small plastic ring that allows the travel of the stopper under the sink , sometimes you can tighten them by hand then get a hold of the chrome clip with holes in it and adjust the travel on the push pull rod on the faucet,

    sometimes there is a lock nut on that rod instead it is like a key looking deal and once you twist it open it can be re positioned and re tightened.

    hope you are lucky the first time : )
  • nycpanycpa Member Posts: 108
    tried to tighten by hand

    I tried to tighten it by hand but it keeps getting loose it won't tighten straight it screws on crooked when I tighten too much it pops and loosens again
  • vaporvacvaporvac Member Posts: 1,512
    plumbing forum

    Hi Sye. There's a plumbing section on this site now. Maybe if you repost there, more people will help.
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