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Steam close to boiler piping

cgwcgw Member Posts: 42
Steam boiler with boiler feed pump return:

Should the steam always be piped to the top of the header?

Should there always be a connection between the steam suply and the condensate return connection?


  • cgwcgw Member Posts: 42
    Fulton Boiler

    Specifically a Fulton ICS boiler. Fulton does not inlcude piping recommendations in their install manual.
  • cgwcgw Member Posts: 42

    Sorry - When I say header, I mean the main steam pipe that two boilers are connected to.
  • SteamheadSteamhead Member Posts: 13,864
    Take some pictures

    and post them here- let's have a look at it.
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  • cgwcgw Member Posts: 42

    I can't get back to the site soon (believe it or not my camera is in europe right now and my cheap cell phone takes bad pictures).

    The steam comes right out of the top of the boiler and into the bottom of the main steam pipe (acouple elbows over a few feet and up, the main is maybe two feet above the boilers) (there are two boilers which the same situation). The boilers will be replaced. If the steam ist to be piped into the top of the main, the main needs to be lowered as it is right against the ceiling. Then a trap would need to be added at the point it rises back up to the pipe to the building.
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