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Gurgling after boiler shuts off.

Sweet_Lew Member Posts: 116

I just noticed this happening for the first time in 3 years of owning our house. My hot water boiler finished it' heating cycle and then I heard gurgling noise coming from it. It lasted for almost 30 seconds and then stopped. Not sure where it's coming from but I will try to video it and pinpoint it's location. I'm guessing this means air is in the system, but why now after almost 3 years? However, I had the pump (Taco 007) replaced a year ago if that helps.  Pressure is good, and no leaks that I can see. I also do not have an air separator installed. I will be bleeding the radiators later, but I just bled them a few days ago.

Should I be more concerned than annoyed?




  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 5,724
    What was ....

    The temperature of the boiler when the call for heat ended? And did the call for heat end, or did the boiler shut off on high limit? Also, is this 1 zone with a circ, or multi zone with zone valves? At first look, the hot water could be too hot, flashing to steam, which could also result if the system is air bound and the water isn't circulating.

    There's no way to get air out of the system besides bleeding?
  • Sweet_Lew
    Sweet_Lew Member Posts: 116

    I didn't check the temp or the pressure. Earlier today the pressure was under 20PSI and the temp was around 130 F. When the gurgling happened when it was warmer outside, around 35F.

    The system is a converted gravity system and the Taco pumps the entire house. I do not have anything zoned.

    Unfortunately, the only way to get air out is via the radiator valves.
  • Sweet_Lew
    Sweet_Lew Member Posts: 116
    Figured it out..I think

    Was just in the basement videoing the boiler heat cycle (worthless camera phone). The pressure was 14psi and the temp was under 120 F. When the cycle stopped, I heard was I thought was gurgling. It was actually the motorized vent damper clicking, then it closed the damper and the noise stopped. I'll keep monitoring it, but I can't remember if that was what I actually heard. Appreciate the reply.
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