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Sunrad Radiator (Inside Connection) - Pitch Question

Traditionally, on a one-pipe steam system, if the pipe connects to the outside of the radiator, it is pitched so that the vent side is higher than the side where the pipe connects.

Does anyone know how these Sunrad units are supposed to be pitched though?  The pipe connects on the inside, so if the vent side is higher an uphill slope is created for drainage back into the pipe.  If the vent side is lower, it would seem that water couldn't drain out of the radiator back toward the pipe properly.  A catch-22?

I'm attaching a pic.  I realize that my current setup is NOT correct, and my landlord has thankfully contacted Joe Kerrigan (as recommended by others here), but I'm just wondering if anyone knows how an inside connection such as on these Sunrads is designed to work when it comes to pitch.



  • Steamhead
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    Given the way those are designed

    you probably want to make them dead level.
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