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need thermostat with remote sensor and security code

I use remote sensors on invensys 9700i and 9701i thermostats in a number of apartment buildings where the landlord pays the heat due to their ability to accept a remote sensor for the apartment and because they accept a programmable security code.

Several years ago this was the only thermostat line I found that combined these options.

I use this approach for a number of reasons. The most obvious being the ability to remove the control from the apartment.  Not only is this helpful to maintain control of the temperature set, but it makes it easy when receiving night calls on heat to monitor the temp in the apartment from the boiler room and to adjust the thermostat to trip the boiler for service.

The security control is much better than that typical of some thermostats where you press a series of buttons to unlock the control.  ON these invensys units you input a numerical code (they don't have a numerical keypad, when you go to set the code you use the up down keys for each of 4 digits)

I'm just making the rounds to see if any one has found this functionality on any cheaper thermostats.  I don't need some of the offered functions, e.g. 7 individual day setbacks, cooling function, outdoor sensor connection -- this is not for reset, it is simply so the 9700  can display what the outdoor temp. is.) and these thermostats are 3 digit cost range and I can need 3 per house.

I noticed the Hunter 44668 which uses a wireless remote and is available at about half the list price on both the thermostat and sensors whereas there simply aren't discounts of any significance I've found on the invensys line.  Wondering if anyone has used the Hunters and can tell me how robust the wireless signaling is and whether is aware of any security features.

Obviously also wondering if anyone might have found any other thermostats by some other manufacturers that have similar functionality. I'm not asking for anyone to mention the dollars and cents which I guess may offend some of Dan's advertisers -- can't imagine it really offends him --  simply looking for help finding other platforms with this functionality and that would allow me to google around and cajole my local wholesalers to find the most competitive mix of features and price for my application. and see what the best deal for the features I need is at the moment.




  • Jay_14
    Jay_14 Member Posts: 39
    Remote Sensing Thermostat

    tekmar offers a number of thermostats with remote sensing capability. The basic heat only thermostat is called a Thermostat 508 and you will also need a remote temperature sensor. If you need cooling there are other available thermostats. The Indoor Sensor 076 is recommended for commercial installations but there are many other available sensor options.

    Jay Vath

    tekmar Control Systems
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