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Been A While

Rich Kontny_3
Rich Kontny_3 Member Posts: 562
  I have not put a gas conversion burner in since the late sixties early seventies when I was just getting out of high school. Recently gas became available to our rectory and we would like to convert to gas from oil. The furnace is a four year old Armstrong that we want to keep if practical. It fires at right around 1.) GPH and is in very good condition.

  We used Gordon Piatt upshot burners back then and I believe they are no longer in business. I vaguely remember an Economite power burner that we used in oil boilers when a power burner was required.


1. Is this a feasible thing to do now days or should we wait for the furnace to die and replace it with a high efficiency gas furnace?

2. Does the fire box need to be changed if a conversion is practical?

3. Flue piping must also need to be change???

4. Any chimney issues to address?

Thanks in advance, I have been away from the heat side for over two years as I run a plumbing dept.

Rich Kontny


  • Greg Maxwell
    Greg Maxwell Member Posts: 212
    Burner Conversion

    My choice would be the Carlin EZ gas. Check with Carlin to see if they have a spec for your furnace, if not, generally you can use the standard length tube and universal flg to go with it. They are great burners.
  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 5,441
    I agree with Greg

    but I would also have the chimney cleaned, inspected, and probably lined.
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