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I need a new boiler

howsweet Member Posts: 9
My heatmaker has given up the ghost and I am in need of a new boiler. I am looking for 120000 btu one, and not going to cost me a arm and a leg  any suggestions?


  • Brad White
    Brad White Member Posts: 2,393
    edited February 2011
    The cost of limbs

    Without discussing price here, you are in a good position (limited by winter weather of course), to re-set your heating system and possibly save some operating cost. Losing fingers and toes on an annual basis quickly equal the cost of entire limbs. And your torso? Even more so.

    Firstly, that 120,000 BTU number- from the old nameplate? That probably has as much to do with the actual heat loss of your house as my phone number does. Including the area code.

    Your Heatmaker probably included DHW production, granted, and yes, it undoubtedly worked. An 18 wheeler would also work to deliver a down pillow across the street, but nobody says that is efficient. Except the fellow with the 18 wheeler, of course.

    Start with a heat loss and take into account all of the improvements you made to it since the Heatmaker was originally installed. Insulation, new windows, air sealing. New siding with air barrier wrap. Depending on your climate, size of your house and other factors, your heat loss I suspect could be half or less of your input.

    This is the time to capture those improvements you made. (You DID make them, didn't you?)

    You can also install an indirect HW heater, also uses the boiler heat for bathing, dishes, laundry, dog.

    The basic order of battle as I see it is proper sizing and proper installation and venting. All goes together, but poor piping practices can defeat the best boiler. Go for modulating condensing technology with a good installer. Start here, ask more, find a pro and go.
    "If you do not know the answer, say, "I do not know the answer", and you will be correct!"

    -Ernie White, my Dad
  • Wayco Wayne_2
    Wayco Wayne_2 Member Posts: 2,472
    Great analogy Brad

    The one with the 18 wheeler delivering a down pillow. I'm going to steal that one. Just last week I took out a 4 year old mod con boiler that was 199,000 btuh input. It had the Gianelli HX and had never been maintained or cleaned. What a mess. It had also short cycled itself do death, I could have rebuilt it but why do that and have the same problems. I installed another brand with a vertical HX and rated at 110,000 btuh. It's first night running the outside temps reached design temps and the house heated wonderfully. It's nice to test your heat load calculation right away. I hate to wait. Find a really good contractor who does heat load calculations. Get an energy audit with a blower door test. Local Utilities around here in DC/MD are assiting with the cost of licsensed energy audit experts. What a great deal.  A good mod con with an indirect WH, properly sized for the heating load, (not the domestic water load, puhleeeze....) will pay for itself over the long term with savings and trouble free operation. You'll be walking around with animated bluebirds and butterflys dancing around your head it will make you so happy.
  • howsweet
    howsweet Member Posts: 9
    a little history

    I bought the house last year from an old gas fitter and it is quite the mess down there. He has the heatmaker feeding in my electic water heater, and when it was running water coming out of my taps was 180 f a little to hot for me . So I dont want to do that anymore.He has a wood boiler on the system aswell ,but running that the other side gets cool around the broken gas boiler and I get leaks there. I am going to remove that aswell, just one loop make sence to me. Everybody seems to have a head shake when they look at this mess I bought even the guys sons. I just want something simple and easy to maintain without all the extra holding tanks.
  • howsweet
    howsweet Member Posts: 9
    slant fin?

    I was looking on ebay and there seems to be alot of slant fins at a pretty good price. Are they good units?
  • Jim_67
    Jim_67 Member Posts: 25
    slant fin

    Just a homeowner here.

    I have a Slant Fin VSPH.  Installed by a pro.  But I "helped"

    Been in 5 winters now with no problems
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