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Is the Vertex water heater worth it for DHW only.  I like the condensing technology, but it comes with a price.  The gov is will to cover some of the costs so they look some what cost competitive with higher end gas storage units.  I have no water heater now so I would be starting fresh.  (replacing tankless coil from oil boiler).  I have  a 2 1/2 bath house with two adults and  two growing children.  


  • EricAune
    EricAune Member Posts: 432
    I like it

    I just installed one for a combination radiant and domestic use for one of my customers.  Its a great fit for this use but I would consider condensing tankless if it were only domestic.  If you are entertaining a lot and frequently have guests or a rather high demand it would be hard to argue against, but with the pricing at or above tankless units that's another story.
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  • humhead
    humhead Member Posts: 22
    I was considering

    The Noritz nrc111 condensing unit.  I am afraid of buyer remorse if it does not live up to my expectations.  I live in Northern NJ and winter cold water temps are around 50 degrees.   We are not a high demand family so maybe the smaller vertex is not for us.  Any suggestions would be great.   You did a really nice setup.  
  • EricAune
    EricAune Member Posts: 432
    edited November 2010

    I have no report on the Noritz tankless, I have been installing the Rinnai units for quite some time with great success. Our water temps can get to sub 50 degrees.

    The biggest thing with tankless is sizing in regards to your routine use and detailed consideration of your existing plumbing fixtures; showerheads, tub fuacets, large tubs like whirlpools.

    If you are a family that routinely showers and does laundry while the dishwasher is running there may be a learning curve for you and yours.  This "learning curve", in my opinion, can be almost nothing at all if the unit is properly sized.

    Always consider local part distribution of any brand you are considering.  Failure will not come at the most opportune time, therefor, local part/service availability is a must.

    Isolation valve kit installation and proper manufacturers recommended maintenance are a must. If you're doing this yourself (the maintenance) this is minimal and very affordable.

    *In the above photo the Vertex now takes on the duty of what was three tank water heaters. In conjunction with the Taco X-pump Block we eliminated two domestic atmospherics and another atmospheric for the (existing) radiant.  Can't wait for reports on propane consumption as compared to last year. 
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  • bob eck
    bob eck Member Posts: 927
    Vertex & Noritz

    I sell both of these units to contractors. Both the Vertex and Noritz units deliver GPH & GPM as they say the do. Do you have hard water? If so you should have a water softener for the Noritz unit or it will build up with hardness and need to be flushed out one to two times per year depending on how much hard water you use. as the unit builds up with hardness you will use more energy to heat your water. If you do not want a water softener install a 3M Cuno Aquapure AP430 filter that will keep your Noritz unit from loading up with lime. The AP430 has a flow rate of 10 GPM you will need to replace the cartridge about every 6 months on the AP430. If you yous the A O Smith Vertex GDHE50 unit has the burner is on top and fires down so if you have hard water the hardness will build up in the bottom of the water heater and not effect the efficiency of the water heater. The Vertex GPHE50 has the burner on the bottom and if you have hard water the hardness will build up on the bottom and effect the efficiency of the water heater and as hardness builds up in the bottom of the tank you will use more energy to heat your hot water. The Vertex water heater either one produces over double the GPH of regular 50 gallon water heaters they even produce more hot water GPH than a 75 gallon. If you have hard water you should install a water softener. Also consider installing alsons 1.6 GPM shower heads. Using less water in your shower your will have more hot water for other use. Also using 1.6 GPM shower heads you will lower your water and sewer bills or it will make your well system and septic system last longer by using less water. Alsons 1.6 GPM shower heads do give you enough water when showering I have two daughters with very long hair and they never complain that they don't get enough hot water.
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