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Direct Vent Termination Questions

MikeyB Member Posts: 696
If the vent termination and air intake for a sealed combustion cast iron boiler (not a mod-con) was "close" to the 12 inch min clearance from the ground level and another say 12 inches for a snow level (for a total of 2 feet off the ground) and you wanted to give it some more clearance (just to be safe), rather than turning the terminations up on a vertical (to give it that extra height, and now would have to add a condensate tee for the vent) could you dig a hole (under the terminations)  about a foot or so deep and install  a window well enclosure around the hole (not the style that will totally enclose the area, just the front of the hole), to prevent anyone from falling in the hole & have that extra area for more snow accumulation? Has any one ever seen or heard of this before, Thanks


  • Jack
    Jack Member Posts: 1,046
    Not only no...

    but h*** no. While it looks like it might be beneficial you really are only making additional work/expense for yourself and giving no real benefit. Speak with the manuf of the appliance as to what they think your minimums should be. Code tells you, but perhaps their experience can guiide you. Is there an area where you can locate the appliance to gain some height. I've seen DV's run up behind the lazy susan in the kitchen. That is wasted space and you can almost gain up to the countertop height. Closets on the exterior wall? Boxz in a bit of the outside edge and you can gain some height.  
  • MikeyB
    MikeyB Member Posts: 696
    Direct Vent

    Thanks for your reply Jack, the boiler is a Burnham SCG,and the manual says you need a minimum clearance to combustibles of 4" around the exhaust when in an fully enclosed chased area so a boxed out applicattion might eat up too much room, it looks like you are alowed to go up on a verticle w/7 feet of pipe (in an exterior aplication). And the tech dept at Burnham likes to see the exaust a minimum of 6" away from the exterior of the house, this will keep me out of the snow falls way and keep curious kids away from the exhaust, but will need more pipe, more fittings and a condensate tee in the boiler room. There is close to 2 feet now from the ground level to where the termination would be through the foundation. Now in Burnhams manual they say 12" min of grade plus max snow accumulation, I believe I heard from a Rep that for the  New York area the snow level is around 18 inches plus the required 12" off of grade which would bring you to a minuium of 30 inches off the ground to your termination. I was looking to avoid a vertical run, do to the way it might look, but I understand the importance of keeping the vent and air intake high enough to avoid snow fall blocking the openings. Thanks for you imput, any other ideas?
  • Slimpickins
    Slimpickins Member Posts: 333
    Why the SCG?

    Just wondering with the venting restrictions, why did you go with the SCG? With a lot of mod/cons, usually you can snorkel up above the snow level with PCV and be done with it. By the time you buy all the stainless vent parts and your labor figured in, it would be a wash and you provide more benefits and energy savings. 
  • MikeyB
    MikeyB Member Posts: 696
    Direct Vent

    Thanks for responding Slim, not ruling out a Mod-Con, just looking/comparing  other options/price/ease of service, etc, etc,
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