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Tekmar and GSHP

I use tekmar stats and controls with my Knight Boiler and would also like to use them with my GSHP.  My heat pump supplies heat to five zones of IFR and chilled water to two Unico units.  One Unico is currently using a 544 for the cooling and connects to the Knight via a zone manager 336 and BRM 420.

I was looking to use two 336 zone managers for the five heat zones (with 541 stats) and the other cooling zone (with a 544) and a 420 BRM on off/on mode to control the GSHP.

I am having a little trouble getting my head around this.  Will these components do what I am describing and how do I handle the reversing valve with the 420 (not sure I can).

Any help is appreciated. 


  • zacmobile
    zacmobile Member Posts: 211
    tekmar cooling

    unfortunately tekmar does not make a real cooling control. I have done such things though with a 152 which is a two stage setpoint control, the #1 sensor/relay is used as an outdoor sensing cooling interlock and the #2 sensor/relay is used to maintain a cooling setpoint in your buffer tank by cycling the heat pump when cooling is enabled by relay #1. relay #1 also is used as an interlock for the heating demand from the 420 to prevent it from giving a heating demand while cooling is going on.

    tekmar has had some prototype geo controls in their mechanical room operating for at least 5 years now.

    these days i've been using HBX controls for geo heating & cooling applications. it's much easier to use a purpose built control than trying to invent something in the field. check out their CPU-500 http://hbxcontrols.com/products/cpu-0500.php
  • J Matthers_2
    J Matthers_2 Member Posts: 140
    cooling controls

    Thanks for your help.  Will check out HBX
  • Wayne_16
    Wayne_16 Member Posts: 130
    edited May 2010
    Contact Terra-Therm in MN

    Terrra-Therm www.TTherm.com for some ideas or controls.  They have had controls built to their specifcations when needed, tekmar, and others 

    They have a control board that allows the GSHP, boiler/furnace and circulators to work together.  The 'geothermal hydronic control module' which I think would do what you are asking for.

     Contact them as I do not have all the specific information.  They are great people to work with.

    Minnesota Wayne
  • Wayne_16
    Wayne_16 Member Posts: 130
    edited May 2010
    Contact Terra-Therm in MN

    sorry, double post

    Minnesota Wayne
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