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sporlan asc hot gas bypass tee

the sporlan asc hot gas bypass tee directions say to install the tee directly on to the distribution cup then the txv on that.I have always had enough play to get the cup to the edge of the case and braze the tee. My question is  what will happen if I put a six in pup inbetween the tee and the distribution cup.


  • Wayne_16
    Wayne_16 Member Posts: 130
    I think you would be looking for trouble.

    Sporlan is very specific about the use of the aux side connector (asc) which is a tee fitting for those not familiar with sporlan products to add a hot gas bypass port or to inject refrigerant vapor into the evaporator coil after the txv and before the refrigerant distributor.  Sporlan wants the asc to be mounted directly to the distributor fitting with no piping installed. 

    If I read your post correctly you are asking what will happen if you use a 6" piece of copper between the distributor and the asc fitting?  My experience is the "change of state" of refrigerant will be affected upon leaving the txv and before entering the distributor head.   Specifically the liquid refrigerant and refrigerant vapor will be affected travelling along the length of pipe.  The distributor has the potential not see the correct mix of vapor and liquid refrigerant, loading the evaporator coil unevenly.  Some distributor tubes will see all vapor and some will see all liquid.  Consequently the coil is not feed properly and not performing at full capacity.

    Make sure the metering disc is removed from the distributor head and moved to the asc fitting.  This is very important for the system to work properly.   I have had a very hard time to remove the fitting when the txv was installed at the factory and a hot gas bypass kit had to be installed in the field.

    Thank you, Minnesota Wayne
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