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AC problem

Got a problem, I came home today after work and my AC would not come on. As i was looking around i went outside and saw the fan spinning around i looked down and saw that the 2 pipes a small copper one and a big copper one were in ice. I then came back inside and opened my return air filter panel and saw that it was filthy i replaced it and shut the entire system off. the outside fan seems to work fine but there is no suction on the return air vent and nothing comeing out of the register vents. It has been about 3.5 hours now and still nothing either on AC or Heat. Is there something major wrong or do i just need to wait for it to further defrost? Or is it a bigger problem? the house and unit are barely 2.5 years old so i can't imagine what is wrong with my YORK HVAC system.


  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144
    AC problem

    Let it stay off over night,and try in the morning.You may be lucky and the only problem was that plugged air filter.
  • burnerman_2
    burnerman_2 Member Posts: 297

    Tis Amazing We Tell Everyone How Important A Clean Air Filter Is A/C Even More Thn Heat. My Guess Is your Indoor Coil Was Frozen As Said Leave It off Then Try It. But Learn From Your Mistake Change That Filter
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